Yarra Valley Grammar School

Yarra Valley Grammar School, Ringwood 3134 VIC

Student Attendence Rate


96%Student Attendence Rate

  • Enrollments1060
  • Non-English Speaking5%
  • Top Quarter52%
  • Bottom Quarter5%


95%Student Attendence Rate

  • Enrollments1032
  • Non-English Speaking14%
  • Top Quarter72%
  • Bottom Quarter0%


95%Student Attendence Rate

  • Enrollments1015
  • Non-English Speaking14%
  • Top Quarter77%
  • Bottom Quarter1%


94%Student Attendence Rate

  • Enrollments1044
  • Non-English Speaking12%
  • Top Quarter73%
  • Bottom Quarter1%

NAPLAN Ranking - Primary Schools


Rank 201 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 71
  • Reading 81
  • Writing 54
  • Language 72
  • Numeracy 76

Rank 196 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 71
  • Reading 75
  • Writing 75
  • Language 65
  • Numeracy 70

Rank 189 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 74
  • Reading 84
  • Writing 55
  • Language 67
  • Numeracy 86

Rank 502 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall N/A
  • Reading N/A
  • Writing N/A
  • Language N/A
  • Numeracy N/A

NAPLAN Ranking - Secondary Schools


Rank 60 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 79
  • Reading 72
  • Writing 88
  • Language 71
  • Numeracy 81

Rank 70 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 78
  • Reading 78
  • Writing 76
  • Language 72
  • Numeracy 84

Rank 45 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 84
  • Reading 79
  • Writing 93
  • Language 72
  • Numeracy 88

Rank 56 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 80
  • Reading 79
  • Writing 91
  • Language 69
  • Numeracy 78

VCE Ranking


Rank 39 2013 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 272
  • Median Score 35
  • 40+ Subjects% 20
  • 48+ Students% 4
  • Number of 50 7

Rank 78 2012 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 282
  • Median Score 33
  • 40+ Subjects% 12
  • 48+ Students% 2
  • Number of 50 3

Rank 65 2011 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 240
  • Median Score 33
  • 40+ Subjects% 16
  • 48+ Students% 2
  • Number of 50 1

Rank 65 2010 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 251
  • Median Score 33
  • 40+ Subjects% 14
  • 48+ Students% 3
  • Number of 50 5

Independent ELC-12 Coeducational School

School TypeCombined

Kalinda Rd , Ringwood VIC 3134 Australia

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Phone03 9262 7700
Website www.yvg.vic.edu.au...

Key Facts


Year 10 are $21,576
Year 12 are $22,803

International Fee

Year 10 are $21,918
Year 12 are $22,928


The uniform is compulsory and enforced


1100 students,
280 up to Year 6,
820 in secondary (Big)
154 in Year 12
272 in VCE level 3/4 Units
76 in VCE VET


42% girls

Overview of the Curriculum

Math classes are streamed and of mixed ability.
English classes are of mixed ability.

Languages: Chinese, French, Indonesian

Overview of senior secondary subjects

45 VCE level 3/4 studies, VET programs available;

LOTE taught to Unit 4 level: English as a second language, French, Indonesian

Selected senior secondary results

20% study scores of 40+;
median study score of 35;
satisfactory completions of VCE 100%, of VET 100%

Activities and Support

16 music options; 43 sporting activities; 68 other clubs or activities; 57 support staff.


83% to university
12% to TAFE
5% to work

Message from the Principal

At Yarra Valley Grammar we want teachers who are experts in their field. This includes having a passion for the subjects they are teaching because this passion will be passed on to their students. The second element to look for is the teacher who genuinely loves to work with young people. It is the teacher who can establish a great working relationship with students and colleagues who is the greatest asset to any school. They are the ones who encourage the reluctant, celebrate success, include everyone in the room and inject some humour into their work. Students come to their classes because they want to learn and because the teacher is truly interested in their wellbeing and their learning. My role as principal is to help create an environment where the best teachers want to come to teach; where they can continue to develop their skills and where they in turn instil in their students the confidence to achieve.

- Dr Mark Merry (Principal).

About Yarra Valley Grammar

Established in the heart of Melbourne’s east in 1966 and set on a spacious 29-hectare campus, Yarra Valley Grammar overlooks the Yarra Valley and picturesque Dandenong Ranges. Our students excel under the guidance of great teachers who love what they do and seek to inspire them to strive for excellence. The school offers an extensive range of contemporary opportunities and sets high standards of performance, encouraging all students to achieve their personal best.

Great teachers are able to communicate complex concepts in simple ways. They can vary the way they teach to suit the way each student learns. This takes patience, flexibility and the ability to see things from the students’ perspective. Yarra Valley Grammar’s team of teachers have a genuine interest in getting to know their students, so they can teach them effectively, encourage them to achieve their best, identify issues or problems and care for their welfare. Our teachers are also role models for our students, promoting the school’s core values such as respect and treating others as they wish to be treated.


Yarra Valley Grammar’s broad curriculum is responsive to individual student needs, with extra opportunities for enrichment and support. Key learning areas include art and design, business studies, design technology, English, humanities, ICT, languages, mathematics, physical education and sport, outdoor education and science. Students study a common curriculum until the midsecondary years. Beyond this, many electives are available from which students may choose. Yarra Valley Grammar offers a Certificate IV in Design combined with the VCE over two years, as well as VET subjects as part of the VCE program. The school also enjoys exchange programs with schools in France, Japan and China.

Extracurricular opportunities

Yarra Valley Grammar students enjoy a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities, including academic, sporting and special interest clubs; debating; drama productions; private tuition in singing and musical instruments; band, orchestra and ensembles; community service opportunities; participation in state and national academic competitions; and specialist enrichment and support programs.

Involvement in sport is expected and the school is a member of the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria. Sports offered include athletics, badminton, basketball, canoeing, cross-country, cricket, football, golf, hockey, netball, softball, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. There is also an extensive inter-house and inter-school sports program.

Pastoral care

The Head of Student Welfare, along with the School Chaplain, oversees the pastoral care program. Students are encouraged to accept responsibility and leadership opportunities so they are well prepared to contribute to society in a meaningful way in life after school.


A unique aspect of Yarra Valley Grammar is its spacious grounds and extensive on-site playing fields, including a physical education and sports complex, tennis courts, netball courts, a hockey pitch and a swimming pool. There are also superior facilities for music, drama and dance within the school’s 900-seat Performing Arts Centre and state-of-the-art Music School, as well as two resource centres and a high-tech facility for the school’s internationally acclaimed Hearing Unit. Wootton Lodge, the school’s country property in eastern Victoria, provides focus for the school’s year level retreats and some of the Outdoor Education Program.

Tour our school

For further information or to book a private tour, please contact our Admissions Office on (03) 9262 7700 or visit our website.

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  • Kalinda Rd , Ringwood VIC 3134 Australia
  • 03 9262 7700
  • website

Ringwood, VIC 3134 (23.22 km to CBD)

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